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Men and Women are NOT Equal. Period.

First published in The CSR Journal “Chums”, “that time of the month”, “monthly” (!), aunty-ji, “unwell” – the list is unending! Almost every school, every city and every family has a code name for periods. While the colours of blue and pink are attributed to the two genders at the baby shower parties even before…Read More


Gender Neutrality is as much about men as women – An interview

First published on Good Reads So, when I read the book named “We-Men@Work”, I was very surprised to know how an author can write about the two genders and about the neutrality that is supposed to be there between them without demeaning any of them. Sachita Ganguly, the author of this book, had conveyed her…Read More


We-Men@Work – Review by Writing Buddha

First published on Good Reads This year the number of books that I read on gender equality or on how girls should be empowered enough so that they have equal rights as boys is commendable. When society changes, such small steps such as a column in a newspaper or a blog post or a book…Read More

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Gender Neutrality = Equal Opportunities

First published on shethepeople.TV Author of We-Men@Work, Sanchita Ganguly, shares her vision on starting sustained conversations on gender neutrality to ensure that all genders get a fair deal, and to usher in a workplace culture of “equal opportunities” faster. In conversation with Archana Pai Kulkarni. What made you explore the idea of gender neutrality in times when…Read More


Change – The only constant

First published on reputationtoday.in We know that the issues around gender diversity at Corporates are real and all around us. We have also discussed that while equality is tiring, aiming for neutrality might give us the required pace we envision for the transformation. Further we have established the fact that society calls the shots to…Read More


Role Reversal

First published on reputationtoday.in I wish all of you a very happy new year! May 2020 present us with multiple opportunities to touch and transform people’s lives. Before I begin let me capture the last two articles in a line each. Gender Neutrality is as much about men as it is about women Society and…Read More


Why We Need To Have Conversations About Gender Neutrality And Gender Equality – We-Men@Work

We-Men@Work, a new book by author Sanchita Ganguly, discusses the need for gender neutrality in work places and what it really means. Learn more about it through an elaborate review of the book by Neeraja Ganesh


Equality Can’t Wait, No Joke

208 MORE years until gender equality in the U.S.?! No. Nope. Nuh-uh. Share why

Maharashtra Government to remove gender-biased content from textbooks

The Government of Maharashtra has broken age old patriarchal traditions. They have revised school textbooks to remove gender biased content.
The previous generations have read textbooks where women were shown washing vegetables and men reading newspapers in households.

India slips to 112th rank on Gender Gap Index

India has been ranked 112th in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2020, out of the 153 countries across the world. Neighbouring Bangladesh is placed at 50th position and leads the South Asia region.