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My thoughts on Gender Neutrality

Reel OR Real

First published on The CSR Journal Since the time lock-down started, the content consumption on digital media has soared to new heights. Many interesting shows and movies got released on the OTT platform to cash in on this phenomenon. One such Indian show that got a lot of positive reviews was also referred to as...Read More

Lockdown Lessons

First published in hasrat.work Professional websites and our well-meaning office HR teams are creating a humongous pressure of “fruitfully utilizing” the lockdown time to learn something new. There is a forgone conclusion at play here that fuels this attempt of creating FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). The underlying assumption is that Work from Home somehow frees...Read More

Let’s Succumb to Peer Pressure

First published in The CSR Journal Whether you have been following my articles or not, I am sure you are well aware that the world of equal opportunities is not waiting just around the next corner to pleasantly surprise us. It is far-far away given the crawling pace of change. If you thought that technology...Read More

Parity Begins At Home

First published in The CSR Journal After covering the two P’s – Periods and Pedestals, my third article is on Parity. Like most of the important things in life, parity too begins at home. While I took the liberty of saying that it begins at home but by “home” I actually mean it in the broader sense of...Read More

Pedestals come at a cost. Huge cost!

First published in The CSR Journal. No, I do not intend to discuss politics. I will stick to my commitment of keeping the conversations around Gender Neutrality going and growing. If you have read my book We-Men@Work , you already know that I love wordplay. I feel that every word has much more to offer...Read More

Men and Women are NOT Equal. Period.

First published in The CSR Journal “Chums”, “that time of the month”, “monthly” (!), aunty-ji, “unwell” – the list is unending! Almost every school, every city and every family has a code name for periods. While the colours of blue and pink are attributed to the two genders at the baby shower parties even before...Read More

Change – The only constant

First published on reputationtoday.in We know that the issues around gender diversity at Corporates are real and all around us. We have also discussed that while equality is tiring, aiming for neutrality might give us the required pace we envision for the transformation. Further we have established the fact that society calls the shots to...Read More

The Siamese Twins

First published on reputationtoday.in I concluded my last article stating that between society and work place, society has had the upper hand till date in influencing the office culture. Can that be challenged now? Work place and the society at large are like Siamese Twins, one cannot go out and party while the other wants to catch...Read More


First published on reputationtoday.in While we vehemently chase Gender Equality, life catches us off-guard and the penny drops. The two genders are actually NOT equal. They are very different. Biologically! Thus the tiring race to equality needs to make space for neutrality. Gender neutrality is as much about men as it is about women. In...Read More