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Gender Neutrality is as much about men as women – An interview

First published on Good Reads So, when I read the book named “We-Men@Work”, I was very surprised to know how an author can write about the two genders and about the neutrality that is supposed to be there between them without demeaning any of them. Sachita Ganguly, the author of this book, had conveyed her...Read More

We-Men@Work – Review by Writing Buddha

First published on Good Reads This year the number of books that I read on gender equality or on how girls should be empowered enough so that they have equal rights as boys is commendable. When society changes, such small steps such as a column in a newspaper or a blog post or a book...Read More
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Gender Neutrality = Equal Opportunities

First published on shethepeople.TV Author of We-Men@Work, Sanchita Ganguly, shares her vision on starting sustained conversations on gender neutrality to ensure that all genders get a fair deal, and to usher in a workplace culture of “equal opportunities” faster. In conversation with Archana Pai Kulkarni. What made you explore the idea of gender neutrality in times when...Read More